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Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit for Decision-Making

One of Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) objectives is to provide local and state officials with the information they need to make informed transportation investment decisions. With this objective in mind, "Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit for Decision-Making" (CBRT) was prepared. It provides transportation planners and decision-makers with basic information and data to support the development and evaluation of bus rapid transit (BRT) concepts as one of many options during alternatives analyses and subsequent project planning. This report describes the physical, operational, cost, performance and potential benefits of BRT's constituent elements both individually and combined as integrated systems. Its intended audience includes urban transportation professionals and officials involved in developing and evaluating high performance transit systems, of which BRT is one alternative.

2009 Characteristics of Bus Rapid Transit
for Decision-Making

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Chapter Headings
Chapter 1 - Need and Purpose  
Chapter 2 - Major Element of BRT  

Chapter 3 - BRT Elements and System Performance


Chapter 4 - BRT and System Benefits

Chapter 5 - Conclusions and Summary